"A line is a dot out for a walk." Paul Klee
"Line evokes emotional responses with it's "bent"; i.e. sharp or smooth angles, thin or bold dimension. Line gives enjoyment to the eye and plays games with the mind."
The Artist, Carol Bellamy

Carol's Art
One line of wire bended and twisted on itself translating the original design into it's wire counterpart. The finished work evokes motion, emotion, and a sense of whimsy.

The length of wire for one piece will range from 3 feet to 350 feet.
Finished sculptures will range from 4 inches x 3 inches to 4 feet x 3 feet.
Carol's sculptures begin with her own three dimensional sketches which are transformed into beautiful sculptures using aluminum and copper wire of varying guages of diameter.

Her sculptures are perfect indoors or out as free standing pieces or wall hangings. They make perfect gifts for all special occasions and can be used as wedding favors, centerpieces or garden art!

Please feel free to contact the artist with any questions.
Commissioned work is welcome.

The Artist Carol Bellamy

More about the artist...

Nature-whether a tree or a bowl, the illusion to the eye is organic.
The fact that line is abstract in and of itself gives my sculptures the feel that the imagination can run wild!

I come from a line of artists. I have watched my father use his talent in watercolor, my brother as a free lance artist and artisan in "paper carving", my sister in quilting, ceramics, and oil painting. I have enjoyed line drawing for years. Line representing form fascinates me. A Theory of Design class "drew" me into wire as a form of 3-dimensional drawing. I love the world it has taken me into, one of whimsical figures and noble forests of aluminum and copper wire trees.

Notes of Merit:
California State Fair 2001
Award of Merit in the three dimensional works, class 10 wire
Sold on KVIE for the benefit of KVIE
Shown at local gallery in the Gold Country of California
Gallery II, Nevada City
Schooled in Drawing and Painting
Commissioned Work
Darkhorse Golf Course, Auburn CA
Juried Arts and Crafts Fairs throughout Western States